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Physics Enrichment

Aims of Physics Enrichment:

• To stretch student potential, and impact on student cognitive development.
• Bring relevance and fun to Physics.


Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Workshop on 25/1/07

Have you ever wished that you could make your own ice-cream? Have you ever had the naive intention of infringing the school rules and eat in the Science labs? Well, you now can.


Before testing out our ‘culinary skills’, the tutors gave us a succinct prelude on the facts of ice-cream and its scientific relation, namely with respect to the use of liquid nitrogen. Feasting our eyes, some for the first time, at the sight of the sub zero cold liquid nitrogen, we were astounded by its physical property as it transformed a banana into a hammer that was capable of hitting a nail into a block of wood.


Mix a bit of sugar, milk, cream, liquid nitrogen, and—voilà!—a cheap yet economical delicacy enough to satisfy our taste buds. Undoubtedly, the session was definitely enriching as apart from all the fun, we also managed to apply our scientific knowledge into a real life situation.                                                                                                 


Mohd Heider B. Hassan (06S12)


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National PET Rocket Competition 
National PET Rocket Competition
National PET Rocket Competition 
NUS Physics Demonstration Laboratory
NUS Physics Demonstration Laboratory 
Ice Cream Making Workshop
Ice Cream Making Workshop  Ice Cream Making Workshop